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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Episode Rankings: The Dirty Dozen (Bottom 12)

Every time I mention an episode as “weak”, someone jumps in to say how much s/he likes it. With some trepidation for the comments I might get, this post will contain my list of weakest episodes. Please do remember that even the weakest episodes can have a good scene or two in them.

I have some criteria for what makes an episode weak. The catch-all term would be poor execution, e.g., hitting us over the head with the point, or leaving the point obscure, or making the plot line implausible. That sounds as if the list is objective, but it’s no more so than my “best” list.

I’ll confess that I’ve allowed my personal distaste for Dead Man’s Party to affect its ranking. A more neutral observer might find it not as bad as I do (not much of a bar, I freely admit).

133. Gone
134. Teacher’s Pet
135. Reptile Boy
136. Beer Bad
137. Two to Go
138. Doublemeat Palace
139. Wrecked
140. I Robot, You Jane
141. Where the Wild Things Are
142. Go Fish
143. Dead Man’s Party
144. As You Were

I’ll list my top 25 dramatic scenes next Thursday.

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